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Benefits distribution pattern of a WatSan program
Ahmed, Javaid   [2008]
Challenges in the implementation of district water and sanitation plans in Ghana
Ampadu-Boakye, Joseph   [2008]
Monitoring of water and sanitation committees using a performance assessment tool
Ampadu-Boakye, Joseph   [2008]
Lessons from emerging conflict resolution mechanisms in the Volta Basin
Ampomah, B.   [2008]
Water and sanitation problems in selected schools in Ibadan, Nigeria
Ana, G.R.E.E.   [2008]
Integrated water resources management plan for Densu River Basin, Ghana
Asamoah, I.   [2008]
Performance evaluation of the UASB sewage treatment plant at James Town (Mudor), Accra
Awuah, E.   [2008]
Management of Sewerage System: Case Study in Tema
Awuah, E.   [2008]
Removal of fluoride from rural drinking water sources using geomaterials from Ghana
Ayamsegna, J.A.   [2008]
Faecal sludge management in Accra, Ghana: strengthening links in the chain
Boot, Niall Lawrence David   [2008]
Summary of panel discussion: Communities of Practice (RCD) and Learning Alliances (SWITCH) 4 Knowledge Management
Bury, P J   [2008]
Capacity building and innovations through joint learning: Experiences with Communities of Practice and Learning Alliances
Bury, P J   [2008]
A global community of practice: creating resource centres that build capacity in local WASH service provision
Bury, P J   [2008]
Approaching community-level greywater managementin non-sewered settlements in South Africa
Carden, K   [2008]
Northern Ghana hydrogeological assessment project
Carrier, M A   [2008]
Summary of panel discussion: Pollution management in urban watersheds of developing countries
Conveners: Sally Rachid (IWMI / IDRC)   [2008]
Pollution management in urban watersheds of developing countries
Conveners: Sally Rachid (IWMI / IDRC)   [2008]
Assessment of water supply and sanitation of some coastal communities of the Niger Delta
Cookey, Peter   [2008]
Using SEA principles to improve application of landfill guidelines in Ghana
Darko-Mensah, E   [2008]
Creating acceptable, affordable and appropriate sanitation options for rural areas
Darteh, B A   [2008]
Use now, pay later: An innovative approach to increasing access to improved latrine facilities in Ghana
Donkor, Oduro   [2008]
Power of knowledge in executing household water treatment programs globally
Dow Baker, C   [2008]
Access to Water and Sanitation in Ghana for Persons with Disabilities: Findings of a KAP survey
Drafor, I   [2008]
Prejudices and attitudes toward reuse of nutrients from urine diversion toilets in South Africa
Duncker, Louiza C   [2008]
Drinking water policy, water rights and allocation practice in rural Northern Ghana
Eguavoen, I   [2008]
The dilemma of sanitation coverage in Ghana
Fati, Mumuni   [2008]
A new global sanitary revolution: lessons from the past
Fawcett, Ben   [2008]
What's going on? Exploring drinking water practices as an outsider
Furlong, C   [2008]
Cycles in the ecological development of Valley View University, Accra, Ghana
Geller, Gunther   [2008]
Measuring behavioural outcomes when promoting household water treatment and storage
Hernandez, Orlando   [2008]
African water: Supporting African involvement in the EU framework programme
Houghton-Carr, H   [2008]
Quality and sustainability aspects in water access indicators: an example from Same District, Tanzania
Jimenez, A   [2008]
Results from household ceramic filter evaluationin northern Ghana
Johnson, Sophie M   [2008]
Community participation in rural water supply and sanitation projects, gender roles and realities: A case of Ward 22 in Chipinge district, Manicaland province, Zimbabwe
Katsi, L   [2008]
Demand management for sustainable urban water services in cities of developing countries
Kayaga, S.   [2008]
Summary of special interest: Demand Management for Sustainable Urban Water Services in Cities of Developing Countries
Kayaga, S.   [2008]
Integrated resource planning: a vital tool for utilities in low-income countries
Kayaga, S.   [2008]
Sustainability of rural water supplies through monitoring
Koestler, A G   [2008]
Post-construction support and the sustainability of rural water projects in Ghana
Komives, Kristin   [2008]
Natural clarification of potable waterin a semi-arid catchment
Kuypers, T   [2008]
Domestic water consumption: A field study in Harbin, China
Lu, T   [2008]
Decentralised intersectoral rural water supplyand sanitation provision: Lessons learned from Zambia
Lungu, C   [2008]
HCES: A new approach to environmental sanitation planning for urban areas
Luthi, C   [2008]
Importance of evaluating phosphate levels in tubewells in high arsenic areas of Asia
Mahin, T   [2008]
Sustainable water security in the Thar Desert, India: Blending traditional wisdom with modern techniques
Malik, Deepak   [2008]
Formulation of WatSan policies in Pakistan
Malik, Murtaza   [2008]
Community Based Management for Sustainable Water Supply in Malawi
Matamula, Swithern   [2008]
Institutional reform of water services providers in South Africa
Matidza, T B   [2008]
Affordability of basic services under conditions of extreme inequality
Matros-Goreses, A   [2008]
Institutionalizing community led action for sanitary survey
Mishra, Vinod Kumar   [2008]
Epidemiology of diarrhoeal disease in rural Malawi - a case study of cryptosporidiosis
Morse, T D   [2008]
Improving water and sanitation provision globally through information sharing
Mulenga, Martin   [2008]
Shame, humiliation and hazard: Tribulations of the girl child in Kenya
Mungara, Caroline Gathoni   [2008]
Reflection of Dublin Principles in rural water supply approaches in Zambia
Munkonge, M A   [2008]
Summary of panel discussion: Regional Partnership for Decentralised Sanitation and Water Delivery in 6 Countries
Nashiru, M A   [2008]
Regional partnership for decentralised sanitation and water delivery in 6 Countries
Nashiru, M A   [2008]
Capital cost contribution (CCC) to water projects by rural communities
Nedjoh, J   [2008]
Characterizing the dissemination process of household water treatment systems in less developed countries
Ngai, Tommy Ka Kit   [2008]
Appropriate capacity development towards effective faecal sludge transport in cities of low-income countries
Nkansah, A   [2008]
Self supply schemes for community water supply in Ghana
Nyarko, K   [2008]
Water supply coping strategies in Accra
Nyarko, K B   [2008]
Operation and maintenance of small towns water supply systems in Ghana
Obuobisa-Darko, Alexander   [2008]
Taking people to water instead of taking water to people: Changes in Ghana's rural water sector
Odai, Laryea Nii   [2008]
Women, water and sanitation - Challenges and prospects
Odai, Laryea Nii   [2008]
Performance of private companies involved in urban solid waste management: Evidence from three cities in Ghana
Oduro-Kwarteng, S   [2008]
Viability of marginal yield boreholes in selected geological formations in Ghana
Ofori-Agyeman, M C   [2008]
Hand pump maintenance training for rural water supply sustainability in Nigeria
Olantunji, T O   [2008]
Think globally, act locally: Community action planning critical to attaining global sanitation targets
Onabolu, B   [2008]
The Nigerian girls education project: Giving the girl child a voice
Onyilo, G   [2008]
Decentralised strategy setting and action planning for environmental sanitation in Ghana
Opoku, A K   [2008]
Enhancing community-driven initiatives in urban water supply in Ghana
Osumanu, I K   [2008]
Improving water quality through integrated water resources management
Paintsil, A   [2008]
Visualisation of problems and solutions to ensure access to water resource
Poolman, M I   [2008]
Integrating environmental sustainability into the water and sanitation sector: Lessons from tsunami disaster response
Randall, J J   [2008]
Meeting the hygiene, safe water and sanitation needs of people living with HIV/Aids (PLWHA)
Rosenbaum, Julia   [2008]
All people, all access: WATSAN for disabled people in Mali
Russell, T J E   [2008]
Sustaining point-of-use (POU) water quality interventions in Ghana: The behavioural perspective
Saaka, Sumaila S   [2008]
Mainstreaming SEA in water and environmental sanitation in Ghana
Salifu, L Y   [2008]
Environmental sanitation assessment aids town environmental sanitation planning
Salifu, L Y   [2008]
An investigation into linkages between tenure and urban sanitation development
Scott, P   [2008]
Quantitative microbial risk assessment of wastewater and faecal sludge reuse in Ghana
Seidu, Razak   [2008]
Water supply systems in selected urban poor areas of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Sharma S K   [2008]
WATSAN in partnership with NGOs and communities of Nepal
Sharma, Ramesh Kumar   [2008]
Community use of H2S (hydrogen sulphide) as a verification tool for water safety plans
Shingles, Kelvin   [2008]
Improving the environment in poor neighbourhoods through community participation
Shukur, B   [2008]
Water tariff setting and challenges for meeting watercoverage target of millennium development goals in Ghana
Siabi, W K   [2008]
Aeration and its application in groundwater purification
Siabi, W K   [2008]
Role of advocacy campaign to achieve sustainable rural sanitation reform
Singh, A N   [2008]
The risks of a technology-based MDG indicator for rural water supply
Sutton, Sally   [2008]
Equal access for all?: Issues for people with HIV and with disabilities in Ethiopia
Tesfu, Mahider   [2008]
Scaling up sanitation delivery: The perspective of community water and sanitation agency
Theodora Adomako, Adjei   [2008]
Groundwater quality, sanitation and vulnerable groups: Case study of Bawku East District
Tiimub, B M   [2008]
Global strategic partnerships to share international and local expertise between private sector and NGOs
Tindale, M   [2008]
Exploring implications of urban growth scenarios and investments for water supply, sanitation, wastewater generation and use in Accra, Ghana
Van Rooijen, Daniel Jozua   [2008]
Domestic water supply in Accra: How physical and social constraints to planning have greater consequences for the poor
Van Rooijen, Daniel Jozua   [2008]
Learning alliances for integrated and sustainable innovations in urban water management
Verhagen, Joep   [2008]
Possible water uses in mining lakes: Case study of Aguas Claras, Brazil
von Sperling, E   [2008]
Politicising the World Bank's over-institutionalised water reforms in the developing countries
Wong, S   [2008]
Water for development: Cost recovery and local development financing
Yabi, T   [2008]
Addressing the water and sanitation needs of primary schools: Experiences from East Africa
Yap, G   [2008]


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