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Low-cost tanks and filters in Sri Lanka
Abu Ubaiddha, S.   [2003]
Some aspects of physicochemical limnology of Lake Kubanni and its tributaries, Zaria
Adakole, J.A.   [2003]
Solid waste management by combustion: implication on metals in the environment
Adekunle, A.A.   [2003]
Effective water governance through the paradigm of IWRM
Adeyemo, E.A.   [2003]
Managing water supply and sanitation projects in Nigeria
Agberemi, Z.O.   [2003]
The role of 'pure water' and bottled water manufacturers in Nigeria
Akunyili, D.N.   [2003]
Modelling Opeki River flow for sustainable rural development in Oyo State, Nigeria
Alaba, B.   [2003]
Tailwater recycling for hydro-power generation, Niger River
Alayande, A.W.   [2003]
Community concerns about use of groundwater in S. Africa
Aleobua, B.   [2003]
Improving sustainable access to safe drinking water
Amayo, J.   [2003]
Towards sustainable handpump development in Nigeria
Anom, S.   [2003]
Knowledge management in development projects
Anumba, C.J.   [2003]
Decentralisation and supply efficiency of RWS in India
Asthana, A.N.   [2003]
Towards sustainable rural water supply at the grassroot
Ayeni, R.   [2003]
Corruption in development - a killing virus
Bannister, M.   [2003]
Empowering women through sanitation activities
Bleede, C   [2003]
Measuring the effectiveness of hygiene promotion interventions
Bolt, E   [2003]
Household water filtration system for rural areas
Chukwurah, M   [2003]
Environmental sanitation and urban agriculture in Ghana
Cofie, O   [2003]
Management of septic sludge in Southwest Nigeria
Coker, A.O.   [2003]
Industrial wastewater treatment in Port Harcourt city
Cookey, P   [2003]
Solid waste management and re-use in Maiduguri, Nigeria
Dauda, M   [2003]
Information needs of water staff help shape action
De Jong, D   [2003]
CBO Federation for the sustainability of rural water supply
De Silva, P K W   [2003]
Inclusion of marginalized groups in rural WATSAN in Sri Lanka
Dissanayake, A   [2003]
Training needs for successful development of irrigation scheme
Dossah, B O   [2003]
Assessment of groundwater potentials of Abuja environs
Eduvie, M O   [2003]
Shallow groundwater monitoring
Egbulem, B N   [2003]
Reforming the Nigerian water and sanitation sector
Fellows, W   [2003]
Financing and cost recovery: what happens after construction?
Fonseca, C   [2003]
Disinfection alternatives for rural applications
Freese, S D   [2003]
Static risk mapping using a Geographic Information System
Godfrey, S   [2003]
Making boreholes work: rehabilitation strategies from Angola
Godfrey, S   [2003]
Sustaining sanitation and hygiene behaviours
Govindan, B   [2003]
Innovative solutions for WATSAN projects in conflict zones: Sudan
Goyol, K B   [2003]
Public water supply quality management in Nigeria
Habila, ON   [2003]
Sustainable rural water supply in Africa: rhetoric and reality
Harvey, P A   [2003]
Effect of sanitation system on groundwater
Hassan, A   [2003]
Optimisation of local resources for hand-dug wells
Herath, N   [2003]
A new approach to measure the impact of sanitation programmes
Holden, R   [2003]
Community management of school sanitation programme - India
Kalam, A   [2003]
Private solid waste collection services, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Kassim, S M   [2003]
PPP in small towns' water supply in Uganda
Kayaga, S.   [2003]
SWM in Kitwe: Building capacity for private sector participation
Kazimbaya-Senkwe, B M   [2003]
Providing water at affordable cost in developing economies
Kehinde, M O   [2003]
Challenges of decentralised delivery of RWSS in Uganda
Kimanzi, G   [2003]
Immediate results as entry point for community participation
Koestler, A G   [2003]
Community perception on rainwater harvesting - Sri Lanka
Kumara, G G A   [2003]
A water quality study of Ulasi River at selected locations
Mbajiorgu, C C   [2003]
Improve WATSAN and eliminate blinding trachoma
Mecaskey, J W   [2003]
Enabling small-scale water providers in Kibera
Mehrotra, S   [2003]
Lessons from a pilot co-composting plant in Kumasi, Ghana
Mensah, A   [2003]
Re-evaluating emergency water supply in 'complex droughts' in Africa
Moss, S   [2003]
Representation and participation in decentralised water management
Mtisi, S   [2003]
Water resources development in relation to irrigation in Nigeria
Ndahi, A K   [2003]
Challenges of O&M in the sustainability of rural water facilities
Nedjoh, J   [2003]
System assessment to develop water safety plans
Niwagaba, C   [2003]
Improving water services: utility - small water enterprise partnerships
Njiru, C   [2003]
Management options for small-town water supply and sanitation in Nigeria
Nwosah, G C   [2003]
Prioritise water and sanitation in PRSPs to reach the MDGs
O'Connell, M   [2003]
Marketing of household toilets in Ghana
Obika, A E U   [2003]
Gender mainstreaming in water and sanitation challenges
Ogbodo, C   [2003]
Income generating activities for hygiene promotion
Ojiaka, P   [2003]
Towards making rural water supply work and sustainable
Olatunji, T   [2003]
Children as agents of sanitation and hygiene behaviour change
Olayiwole, C B   [2003]
The role of biotechnology in water resource and ecosystem management
Omaliko, C P E   [2003]
Targeting the vulnerable in water and sanitation - Obi experience
Ominiyi, A   [2003]
Local private sector participation: Oju/Obi experience
Ominyi, J   [2003]
Demand responsive approach in water supply and sanitation delivery in Oju
Onah, A   [2003]
Problems on water quality standards and monitoring in Nigeria
Onemano, J I   [2003]
Gender sensitivity in training: NWRI case study
Oni, A F   [2003]
Quality of sealed polythene water in Kaduna and Lagos
Oni, O O   [2003]
Rural water supply and handpump development in Nigeria
Onugba, A   [2003]
Promoting rural sanitation through subsidy
Onyilo, G   [2003]
Water supply management in rural Niger delta
Osirike, A B   [2003]
Issues and implications of water pricing in urban Nigeria
Otun, J A   [2003]
Community training for successful management in rural water supply
Ranasinghe, K   [2003]
Unaccounted-for water management in Kwozulu Natal, S. Africa
Ross-Jordan, J   [2003]
Decentralised rural water and sanitation delivery in Ghana
Sarkodie, Y A   [2003]
Water budget for basin development authorities
Schoeneich, K   [2003]
Scaling-up community management
Schouten, T   [2003]
The Ugandan strategy for serving the urban poor
Sekayizzi, A   [2003]
The importance of looking back study in WATSAN projects
Shrestha, Y   [2003]
Potential of activated carbon for manganese and iron removal
Siabi, W K   [2003]
School sanitation and hygiene education indicators
Snel, M   [2003]
Performance evaluation of water supply boreholes at Nguru, Nigeria
Sobowale, A   [2003]
An evaluation of soil water status for irrigation and drainage control
Sobowale, A   [2003]
Monitoring and evaluation system for rural water supply
Soley, F   [2003]
Post project strategy for sustainability of RWSS
Sumansakera, D U   [2003]
Water and sanitation problems faced by women in seclusion
Suwaiba, Y J   [2003]
Understanding vulnerability in the Niger flood plain
Tamuno, P B L   [2003]
Need for reform of water resources management in Uganda
Tindimugaya, C   [2003]
Environmental impact of a drain system failure: a case study
Tsuzom, J N   [2003]
Water sector reforms in Tanzania: is it enough to take us to the MDGs?
Tukai, R   [2003]
Arsenic contamination of water sources in rural Myanmar
Tun, T N   [2003]
The value of indicator tools for managing development progress
Venter-Hildebrand, M   [2003]
Alfred Nzo District Municipality's community-based approach
Vermeulen, A   [2003]
Cost-effective health promotion: community health clubs
Waterkeyn, J   [2003]
HIV/AIDS and its implications for the water and sanitation sector
Wegelin-Schuringa, M   [2003]
Decentralisation of water services in South Africa
Wijesekera, S   [2003]
Public private partnership for water yards in Sudan
Wood, M   [2003]
An appraisal of handpump boreholes in Zamfara state, Nigeria
Yaya, O O   [2003]
Partnership approach to capacity building for IWRM, West Africa
Yillia, P   [2003]
Managing cow dung with a low tech, cheap plastic digester
Yongabi, K A   [2003]
Water usage in Australian indigenous communities
Yuen, E   [2003]


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