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Institutional responses to water-sector responsibilities
A'Bear, D.   [2001]
The flip-cheque financial control system
A'Bear, David   [1997]
Water deflouridation with modified ion exchange
Aalto, Veli   [1993]
Operational experiences on small scale community defluoridation systems
Abaire, Bekele   [2009]
Oxfam experience in WATSAN in Ethiopia
Abate, Eshetu   [1999]
Water quality monitoring of improved water delivery systems in Northern Pakistan
Abbas, M.   [2004]
Water quality monitoring of improved water delivery systems in Northern Pakistan
Abbas, M.   [2005]
Efficiency and cost containment of water and sanitation in Sudan
Abdel_Razig, M   [1989]
Cement lined tanks for rainwater harvesting
Abdi, A.J.   [1995]
Engineering measures for the development of surface water resources in Kano State
Abdullahi, M A   [1980]
Makata pumpable VIP latrine block
Abel, A H   [1993]
Uganda's water sector information system
Abelin, C.   [2001]
Enabling investment in urban sanitation services through the sustainable full cost recovery principle
Abeysuriya, K.   [2015]
Kaduna water supply extensions - Barnawa dam project
Abid, M S   [1980]
Implementation of private sector participation in Karachi
Abidi, Yaver A.   [1998]
The elimination of blinding trachoma in Ghana through improving access to water and latrines
Aboe, Agatha   [2011]
Alternative solutions for challenging environments: a look at UNICEF-assisted ecosan projects worldwide
Abraham, Belinda   [2011]
Community-based handpump maintenance
Abroabah-Cudjoe, Dr A   [1991]
Low-cost tanks and filters in Sri Lanka
Abu Ubaiddha, S.   [2003]
Treated wastewater reuse in the Gaza strip
Abu-hijleh, Lana   [1993]
Low cost roads
Acharya, B N   [1992]
The use of markov renewal theory in rural water supplies
Achuthan, K   [1982]
Some aspects of physicochemical limnology of Lake Kubanni and its tributaries, Zaria
Adakole, J.A.   [2003]
Water supply upgrading projects - potential impacts
Adam, Adinew   [1999]
Financial sustainability of rural water supplies in Western Kenya: comparing technology types and management models
Adams, Alida   [2013]
Handpump sustainability challenges; analysis of problems and alternatives and what PRACTICA can contribute
Adams, Alida   [2013]
Arresting the run-off: the final choice
Adane, Asfaw Afera   [1999]
Is there possibility to have an open defecation free environment? Experience of RWSEP on WASH in rural settings of Amhara Region
Adane, Yimenu   [2009]
The state of handpump water services in Ghana: findings from three districts
Adank, Marieke   [2014]
Making JMP data more useful for local decision-making in Ghana
Addai, Emmanuel   [2011]
Locally-affordable arsenic remediation for rural South Asia using electrocoagulation
Addy, Susan   [2011]
African low-cost housing programme: Development strategy
Adebayo, Dr A A   [1991]
Community and small town self-selection process under sector reform programme in Nigeria
Adegoke, Yetunde Adegoke   [2009]
Solid waste management by combustion: implication on metals in the environment
Adekunle, A.A.   [2003]
Investment appraisal of the privatization of water supply
Adelegan, J.A.   [2001]
Environmental policy and slaughterhouse waste in Nigeria
Adelegan, J.A.   [2002]
Wetland systems: a cheaper and efficient treatment option for food processing waste in Africa
Adelegan, Joseph   [2011]
Low-cost urban sanitation in Nigeria
Adelegan, Joseph   [1999]
Low technology drilling methododogy (LTDM)
Adelsperger, Deborah   [1999]
A Comparative Analysis of WASHE Life skills approaches for Primary Schools in Zambia
Adenya, Edwin   [2009]
Manual drilling in Africa; let us go beyond advocacy
Adenya, Edwin   [2013]
Local materials as filter media in Nigeria
Adeyemi, S O   [1980]
Effective water governance through the paradigm of IWRM
Adeyemo, E.A.   [2003]
Learning from implementation of the sanitation and hygiene master plan in Nepal
Adhikari, A. K.   [2015]
Pilot sanitation programme in Nepal
Adhikary, Sharad   [2000]
Filling characteristics of latrine pits
Adhya, A K   [1986]
Effectiveness of extension services in Ghana
Adjei, T.   [2002]
Community financing - challenges to community management
Adomako, Theodora   [1998]
Role of the consumer in the water supply industry
Adombire, M A   [1993]
Rehabilitation of urban wells in Ghana
Adotey, Sampson   [1993]
Rural development through water supply
Adow, Auckhinleck   [1998]
Status of groundwater quality in Ghana
Adzaku, J C   [1993]
Economics of buried pipe systems
Aeron-Thomas, M   [1992]
Using reed-bed system for wastewater treatment and reuse in urban semi/urban community in Gaza - Palestine
Afifi, Samir   [2013]
Hydrothermal treatment of human biowastes as an alternative sanitation strategy
Afolabi, Oluwasola   [2014]
The mythical nature of MDG7c to Kenya's arid and semi-arid lands (ASALS)
Afullo, Augustine   [2013]
Groundwater availability in south western Nigeria
Agbede, O A   [1989]
Managing water supply and sanitation projects in Nigeria
Agberemi, Z.O.   [2003]
Mobilizing people for improved hygiene practices through hand washing campaigns in Nigeria
Agberemi, Zakariyah Olabisi   [2009]
Promoting community-led total sanitation for accelerated sanitation delivery in Nigeria
Agberemi, Zakariyah Olabisi   [2011]
Improving sanitation through sanitation centre: A case study of Chediya; Nigeria
Agberemi, Zakariyah Olabisi   [2009]
Trickle irrigation using porous clay pots
Agodzo, S K   [1993]
Intermediate rate water filtration for hot and developing countries
Agrawal, I C   [1975]
Social linkages of watershed management
Aheeyar, M.M.   [2000]
Willingness to pay for improved irrigation services in Mahaweli system H
Aheeyar, M.M.M.   [2006]
School sanitation - UNICEF's experiences in Pakistan
Ahmad, M.   [2001]
A study on the state of school level health and sanitation programmes in rural Ranchi
Ahmad, M.T.   [2002]
Palm oil mill effluent treatment
Ahmad, R   [1988]
Health impact of water supply and sanitation projects
Ahmad, T.   [2001]
Arsenic an Emerging Issue: Experiences from Pakistan
Ahmad, T.   [2004]
WATSAN Response to Earthquake in Pakistan
Ahmad, Tameez   [2006]
Health and hygiene education programme: Northern Pakistan
Ahmad, Tameez   [2000]
Water and sanitation sector reform in Nigeria
Ahmad, Tameez   [2009]
KAP study on hygiene, sanitation and safe water use
Ahmed, A.   [2001]
National baseline survey on sanitation in Bangladesh: An exemplary event of collaborative partnership
Ahmed, A.   [2004]
Participatory monitoring by adolescent girls
Ahmed, A.   [2002]
Palgram - a local initiative for 100% sanitation coverage
Ahmed, Afroza   [2000]
National communication campaign on sanitation of Bangladesh
Ahmed, Afroza   [1998]
Benefits distribution pattern of a WatSan program
Ahmed, Javaid   [2008]
Community management RWSS in Northern Pakistan
Ahmed, Javaid   [2000]
Variation in the Ravi River water quality
Ahmed, Khurshid   [1998]
Arsenic mitigation: Water quality of dug wells and tubewells
Ahmed, M.   [2004]
Rainwater harvesting potentials in Bangladesh
Ahmed, M. Feroze   [1999]
Coastal water supply in Bangladesh
Ahmed, M. Feroze   [1996]
Cost of water supply options for arsenic mitigation
Ahmed, M.F.   [2004]
Urban organic waste management in Karachi, Pakistan
Ahmed, N.   [2002]
Enhancing local governance through WASH programmes in Bangladesh
Ahmed, Nazneen   [2014]
Domestic refuse collection in urban low income areas
Ahmed, Rehan   [1998]
Waste rubber recycling
Ahmed, Rehan   [1994]
Impact of environmental pollution in Rawalpindi-Islamabad
Ahmed, Riaz   [1998]
A Case Study on reaching the Poorest & Vulnerable
Ahmed, Rokeya   [2006]
Accessibility audit for mainstreaming the rights of the persons with disabilities in Bangladesh
Ahmed, S.   [2015]
Ingestion of unsafe water: is having a safe source enough?
Ahmed, Shafiul Azam   [1998]
Inclusive sanitation - breaking down barriers
Ahmed, Shamim   [2011]
Reaching the marginalised and socially isolated sex worker and sweeper communities of Tangail, Bangladesh
Ahmed, Shamim   [2013]
Worth of rice cultivation in the Nile delta
Ahmed, Tarek A.   [1998]
Access to emergency sanitation for Pakistani women: a case study in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Ahmed, W.   [2015]
Local government training in Bangladesh
Ahmed, Z   [1986]
People's participation in slum upgrading
Ain, Q   [1981]
Collaborative funding of rural water
Akama, Harry   [1998]
Reappraisal of water systems on River Densu
Akari, P   [1993]
Solid waste management in a katchi abadi
Akhtar, Dr Waseem   [1992]
Municipal water supplies - technology costs
Akintayo_Salako, Engr M   [1989]
Appraisal and evaluation: A new approach
Akosa, George   [1990]
Experiences and lessons from the operation of Monrovia sewerage system
Akowuah, E K O   [1985]
Water Safety Plan: A commitment towards safe and sustainable water supplies
Akter, Nargis   [2009]
The role of 'pure water' and bottled water manufacturers in Nigeria
Akunyili, D.N.   [2003]
Decentralization of formal water institutions in Yemen from IWRM perspective
Al-Harithi, Nadia   [2009]
Filtration with a natural coagulant
Al-Khalili, R.S.   [1997]
Modelling Opeki River flow for sustainable rural development in Oyo State, Nigeria
Alaba, B.   [2003]
Public NGO partnership for municipal services
Alam, A B M Ashraful   [1997]
Process Proved Product: A case of Hygiene Project in Bangladesh
Alam, Md. Shariful   [2006]
Decentralized rural water supply and sanitation services in Bangladesh: a critical overview
Alam, Md. Shariful   [2011]
Health and hygiene situation in Northern Areas of Pakistan: Pre and post WASEP interventions
Alam, N.   [2005]
Role of government, NGOs and private bodies
Alawni, A.N.   [1996]
Tailwater recycling for hydro-power generation, Niger River
Alayande, A.W.   [2003]
Responsibility, choices and community management in Nepal
Ale, Bhim Kumari   [1998]
Water harvesting in Ethiopia: an overview
Alem, Getachew   [1999]
Groundwater for rural water supply in the Rift Valley
Alem, Getachew   [1998]
Watsan projects: NGO's experience in Ethiopia
Alem, Getachew   [1997]
Pollution of the hydrogeologic system of Dire Dawa
Alemeyehu, Taye   [1999]
Community concerns about use of groundwater in S. Africa
Aleobua, B.   [2003]
Pre-treatment of agro-industrial wastewaters [Discussion paper]
Alexiou, I.E.   [1996]
Low cost wastewater treatment for Pakistan
Ali, Dr Iqbal   [1992]
Micro-enterprise development for primary collection
Ali, Mansoor   [1998]
Community initiatives in solid waste
Ali, Mansoor   [1995]
United they stand
Ali, Md. A.   [2002]
Response of saline wastewater irrigation on sand bed culture
Ali, S. Iqbal   [1998]
Informal sector waste recycling
Ali, Syed Mansoor   [1993]
Pre-treatment for slow sand filters
Ali, Waris   [1998]
Increasing sewer longevity by septicity control
Alibhai, K.   [1995]
Promotion of healthier behaviours through school children
Alibhai, K.   [2001]
Problems facing water supply and sewage
Alibhai, Karim   [1996]
Evolution of women's involvement in projects in N. Pakistan
Alibhai, Karim   [2001]
Household demand for improved sanitation
Allan, Joseph Bogrebon   [1997]
Effective contracts for appropriate technology
Allen, A M D   [1986]
Sustainable livelihoods approaches: where next?
Allen, C.   [2002]
Incremental utilities provision and affordability
Allen, D B   [1981]
Greater Kano water supply
Alma'ssy, Dr B   [1980]
Use of Bayesian networks for monitoring total sanitation campaign projects, India
Alok, K.   [2002]
Wastewater from electroplating industries of Karachi
Altaf, Syad Najam   [1998]
In the cause of improving community water supply management
Alubbe, Patrick   [2009]
Waterborne sanitation in Nigerian cities
Aluko, T M   [1980]
Factors impacting sustainability in rural drinking-water: an integrated approach in Paraguay
Alvarez, Lourdes   [2014]
Experiences of participatory hygiene promotion
Alwis, E. Upali   [2006]
A Multi-Input area development approach to water and sanitation in Cabo Delgado; Mozambique
Amaral, I.   [2009]
Improving sustainable access to safe drinking water
Amayo, J.   [2003]
Storage and local media filters in contaminant removal
Ambelu, Argaw   [1999]
Economics of sewerage schemes
Ambikar, J N   [1990]
Privatisation of engineering maintenance services
Ambikar, J N   [1992]
Transformation practice in low income housing
Ameen, Dr M Shahidul   [1992]
Enabling and capacity development for community based rural water supply management in Gabiley, Somaliland
Amier, Kamal   [2013]
Optimization of sewage treatment process at Pagla
Amin, A.F.M. Saiful   [1998]
Rural water supply planning nd implementation
Amin, S   [1984]
Waste management in urban slums
Amoaning-Yankson, S A   [1983]
Challenges in the implementation of district water and sanitation plans in Ghana
Ampadu-Boakye, Joseph   [2008]
Monitoring of water and sanitation committees using a performance assessment tool
Ampadu-Boakye, Joseph   [2008]
Lessons from emerging conflict resolution mechanisms in the Volta Basin
Ampomah, B.   [2008]
Locally affordable and scalable arsenic remediation for South Asia using ECAR
Amrose, Susan   [2013]
Sanitary aspects of groundwater supplies in Ghana
Amuzu, Dr Anthony T   [1993]
Water and sanitation problems in selected schools in Ibadan, Nigeria
Ana, G.R.E.E.   [2008]
New approaches to community management
Anafu, Leonard Toanipiel   [1996]
Community water supply in Volta Region
Andani, Safuratu Mohammed   [1996]
Colombo Sewerage Rehabilitation Project
Andersen, M.R.   [2006]
An alternative approach - small-scale improvements to existing sources
Andersson, I   [1985]
The situation of women and children in Tanzania
Andersson, R   [1986]
Urban drainage - the alternative approach
Andoh, R.Y.G.   [1994]
The role of WASH and Infection Prevention Control (IPC) in an Ebola treatment centre
Angioletti, A.   [2015]
Towards sustainable handpump development in Nigeria
Anom, S.   [2003]
Removal of trace organics by activated charcoal
Ansari, Faisal   [1998]
Multimedia e-Learning on technologies for efficient water use
Anson, O   [2004]
Knowledge management in development projects
Anumba, C.J.   [2003]
Pipe-borne water supply in a traditional society - Nigerian condition
Anyahuru, E A   [1980]
Sustainable hygiene education and promotion
Anyanwu, C.   [2002]
Pro-poor water supply legislation development for public-private-community partnerships in Lao P. D. R.
Apaylath, K.   [2004]
Harnessing of rainwater, the underutilised source in developing countries
Appan, Dr A   [1984]
Mapping of fluorosis affected villages
Apparao, B.V.   [1994]
Sustainable water and sanitation committees
Appiah, Johnson O.   [1999]
Empowering for dignity: best practices of community WASH committees in North Lebanon
Arab, N.   [2015]
Water pollution control wroks in Libya
Archer, M F G   [1977]
Child rights based water, sanitation and hygiene in practice in Bangladesh, India and Nepal
Arickal, B   [2014]
Human rights to water and sanitation in India: voices from the people and accountability of duty bearers
Arickal, B   [2015]
Principles and challenges in scaling up CLTS: experiences from Madhya Pradesh (India)
Arickal, B   [2015]
Design criteria: urban WSS Bangladesh
Arif, T.   [2002]
Rain water harvesting for domestic use in Sri Lanka
Ariyananda, Tanuja   [1999]
Sarvodaya integrated approach to water/sanitation
Ariyaratne, V.S.   [1994]
Low-cost rural water supply in Africa
Arlosoroff, S   [1987]
The sustainability of handpumps in Konso District, Ethiopia from a household water security perspective
Arlt, Manfred   [2014]
Institutional problems in waste management
Armah, N A   [1993]
Step-wise approach to rural schemes
Armstrong, Tom   [1996]
Solid waste management in Addis Ababa
Arnold, Paul   [1995]
Ceramic water filters: Red Cross and Red Crescent experiences and lessons in Asia
Arnout, Ludovic   [2013]
Strategies for participation and empowerment in wss projects
Arvidson, Malin   [2000]
Minor irrigation: access to small farmers
Asaduzzaman, M   [1990]
Integrated water resources management plan for Densu River Basin, Ghana
Asamoah, I.   [2008]
Capital maintenance study, the case of water supply systems in selected small towns
Asante, Joseph Kwame   [2013]
Borehole water quality in Volta Region of Ghana
Asante, K.A.   [2001]
Nutrient status of two Ghanaian water reservoirs
Asante, Kwadwo Ansong   [1999]
Urban low cost sanitation
Ashworth, J D B   [1983]
Factors influencing equitable distribution of water supply and sanitation services in Uganda
Asingwire, N.   [2005]
Groundwater in crystalline rocks and climatic conditions
Asomaning, G   [1993]
Decentralisation and supply efficiency of RWS in India
Asthana, A.N.   [2003]
Corruption and decentralisation: Evidence from India's water sector
Asthana, A.N.   [2004]
Household choice of water supply systems
Asthana, Anand Narain   [1997]
Demand analysis of RWS in Central India
Asthana, Anand Narain   [1995]
Sanitation in primary health care
Asuo, Daniel Kwasi   [1993]
An assessment of the informal water sector in the provision of water supply services to consumers in Idah town, Nigeria
Ataguba, C. O.   [2015]
Mainstreaming gender in rural water supply
Athukorala, Kusum   [1998]
Rope pump technology revamped in Uganda
Atine, Francis   [2014]
Stimulating private sector to provide SMART solutions for rural water supply
Atine, Francis   [2014]
Implementing a decentralized sanitation system for the under-served urban community of Thongkhankham Nea Village, Lao PDR.
Atsanavong, L.   [2004]
System development for future sustainability
Attanayake, M.   [1996]
Laterite for water treatment
Attanayake, M.A.M.S.L.   [1995]
An Integrated Approach for Operational Excellence in Water Supply Schemes
Attanayake, M.A.M.S.L.   [2006]
An appropriate iron removal technology
Attanayake, M.A.M.S.L.   [1994]
Low Cost GIS Data Base Solution for Water Utility Network in Sri Lanka
Attygalla; N   [2006]
Community Based Sanitation Entrepreneurship in Mukuru and Korogocho informal settlements; Nairobi
Aubrey, Dyfed   [2009]
Chlorinating household water in The Gambia
Austin, Dr Christopher J   [1993]
Human resources development in water supply and sanitation
Austin, J H   [1981]
Operational safety of urine diversion toilets in Durban, South Africa
Austin, L.M.   [2006]
STED systems in South Africa
Austin, L.M.   [1996]
Case study: urine diversion technology
Austin, L.M.   [1999]
Replicating the sanitation marketing model of the low-cost product Easy Latrine in Sindh Province, South Pakistan
Awan, D.   [2015]
Watsan delivery - private sector involvement
Awindaogo, Francis K.   [1996]
Performance evaluation of the UASB sewage treatment plant at James Town (Mudor), Accra
Awuah, E.   [2008]
Management of Sewerage System: Case Study in Tema
Awuah, E.   [2008]
Earth dams for RWS in Northern Region
Awuah, Siaw   [1993]
Well monitoring: World Vision's experience in Ghana
Ayamsegna, J.A.   [2002]
Removal of fluoride from rural drinking water sources using geomaterials from Ghana
Ayamsegna, J.A.   [2008]
Towards sustainable rural water supply at the grassroot
Ayeni, R.   [2003]
Paradigm shift in rural water supply programme
Azuma, M.   [2001]
The water and environmental sanitation situation in the Central Asian Republics and Kazakhstan
Badloe, Chander   [1998]
War, a threat to sustainable water supply
Baechler, Marcus   [1995]
Community oriented hygiene and sanitation
Bagbiele, Moses   [1995]
Emergency sanitation in refugee camps
Baghri, S.   [1998]
NGOs as software providers in Uganda: Lessons from Kichwamba pilot project, Kabarole district
Baguma, C.   [2005]
Supporting operation and maintenance financing
Baidoo, J.   [2001]
Managing water adequacy, reliability and safety challenges through sustainable strategies in a mine-catchment community
Baidoo, J.   [2013]
Developing a poverty focused, demand responsive approach
Bajracharya, D.   [2001]
Household Water Treatment Technologies: Strategies for Scale Up & Success Indicators
Baker, Camille Dow   [2006]
Sustainability through training
Baldwin, James A   [1996]
Demand-led development in the water sector
Baldwin, Jim   [1999]
The development and implementation of water supply projects in the Sehal area of West Africa
Balfour, H C   [1980]
Using microcomputers to monitor remote projects
Balina, Charles M   [1991]
Changing women's lives in Zambia
Ball, A-M.   [2001]
Systematic project planning and appraisal
Bambrah, Dr G K   [1991]
Managing urban environment in Africa
Bambrah, Dr G K   [1992]
Water pollution and human health
Banerjee, D K   [1986]
Advantage of BIOX tank technology over aeration tank in secondary water treatment
Banerjee, D.D.   [2002]
Environmental planning of bustee areas in Calcutta metropolitan district
Banerjee, Dr M   [1982]
Provision of water for communities
Bangu, Aggrey Fred   [1991]
Sanitation and behavioural change: Acord's experience
Bangu, Frederick Aggey   [1999]
Evaluation of composting latrines
Banister, S.   [1997]
Hand pump maintenance programme: Ghana
Bannerman, R R   [1980]
Organisation and participation in rural water supplies programme in Ghana
Bannerman, R R   [1985]
Regional water supply in Ghana
Bannerman, R R   [1979]
Failure of conjunctive water use
Bannerman, R.R.   [1997]
Siting of sanitary landfill and faecal treatment plant
Bannerman, Robert R   [1993]
Corruption in development - a killing virus
Bannister, M.   [2003]
Water and Sanitation for all: practical ways to improve accessibility for disabled people: 4: Disability and attitudes in developing countries
Bannister, M.   [2005]
Development of awareness tools for groundwater protection
Bannister, M.   [2001]
Water and Sanitation for all: practical ways to improve accessibility for disabled people
Bannister, M.   [2005]
Disability and Gender in Rural Sanitation
Bannister, M.   [2004]
IDIP-An effective process that improves service delivery
Bannister, Mark   [2009]
Solar power for community water supply
Bannister, Mark   [2000]
Reuse of spent pickling liquor
Bansal, T.K.   [1996]
Demand driven approach of DASCOH in Bangladesh
Banu, Tahamin   [2000]
Assessing household RWS functionality service levels: lessons from the field
Barakzai, S.Shiriin   [2014]
Identifying the water supply service levels of the poorest quintile in rural Laos: applying PCA for programme M and E
Barakzai, S.Shiriin   [2014]
What do long serving village maintenance workers have in common: findings from Nepal's Karnali zone
Barakzai, S.Shiriin   [2014]
A new innovation for lining pit latrines in collapsing formations
Barasa, Chaungo   [2000]
The transition from community water management to public private partnership and participation: an intermediate model for remote and underdeveloped locations: The case of La Gonave, Haiti, Caribbean
Barasa, Chaungo   [2013]
Capacity building and training in Afghanistan
Barat, Azeem   [2014]
Performance evaluation of induced recharge project
Barde, P P   [2002]
Microfinance for water and sanitation: A case study from Tiruchirappalli; India
Barenberg, Andrew   [2009]
Discussion group report: Financing and management of rural development
Barker, P   [1987]
Pricing water to recover costs
Barker, P J   [1993]
Cost recovery, charges and efficiency
Barker, P J   [1992]
Cost-based water prices
Barker, Peter   [1997]
Management of irrigation maintenance
Barker, Peter   [1995]
Economic management of the environment
Barker, Peter   [1991]
Monitoring bacteriological quality of groundwater
Barnes, Ebenezer A   [1993]
Surface water quality and mining in Ankobra
Barnes, Ebenezer A   [1993]
Review of Decision Tools and Trends for Water and Sanitation Development Projects
Barnes, Rebecca   [2006]
WASEP's role in improving women's participation in WSS projects
Barnett, T   [2001]
Occurrence of high fluoride in Gujarat
Barot, J M   [1993]
Sustainability of rural water supply in Gujarat
Barot, J M   [1995]
Gender appreciation in Gujarat - India
Barot, J M   [1994]
Occurences of salinity in Gujurat
Barot, J M   [1996]
Commiting to a paradigm shift - a people's vision for change
Barot, Nafisa   [2001]
Public sector stimulus for private sector repair systems
Barrett, D E   [1992]
Peace Corps' guinea worm programs
Barrett, Dr Joy M   [1992]
Septage collection system economics
Basher, A   [1986]
Single door approach for planning; implementation and operation of rural WATSAN projects in Nepal
Basnet, Mohan   [2009]
Capacity strengthening in sanitation : benefits of a long-term collaboration with a utility and research institute
Bassan, Magalie   [2011]
Characterization of faecal sludge during dry and rainy seasons in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Bassan, Magalie   [2013]
Technologies for sanitation: how to determine appropriate sludge treatment strategies in Vietnam
Bassan, Magalie   [2014]
NGOs, women and community water
Bassir, Dr I B   [1991]
Promoting sustainability in refugee and IDP responses
Bastable, Andy   [2015]
Critical studies on rural water supplies in drought prone area and coalfield area of West Bengal
Basu, Dr A K   [1984]
Membrane techniques in effluent disposal along with water/chemicals reclamation
Basu, Dr S   [1981]
Development of appropriate technology in meeting drinking water demand of rural India
Basu, S   [1982]
Mid-Decade status in West Bengal
Basu, T K   [1986]
Development of collector well gardens
Batchelor, Charles   [1996]
Institution building for the decade: The role of consultants
Batchelor, P A   [1983]
Organizational exit strategies for water supplies
Batchelor, S   [2001]
Exit strategies for resettlement populations
Batchelor, S J   [1999]
Integrating WASH, nutrition and health programmes to tackle malnutrition in Eastern Chad
Bauby, A. L.   [2015]
Achieving sustainability: linking CLTS with other approaches: an example of a thorough WASH intervention in South Eastern Chad
Bauby, Anne-Laure   [2014]
Dry season water strategies in Myanmar after Cyclone Nargis
Bauer, Richard   [2009]
Unsafe to drink? Perspectives on water quality among NGOs, local water vendors, and consumers
Bauer, Richard   [2014]
Rural water supply network making a difference
Baumann, E   [2005]
Private sector involvement
Baumann, Erich   [1993]
The mass media as a tool for sanitation marketing and hygiene promotion: a case study
Bawa, Kitchinme   [2011]
Implementing CLTS in areas with a history of subsidised sanitation programmes
Bawa, Kitchinme   [2013]
Ogaden emergency water supply project
Bazezew-Legesse, Nega   [1991]
Hygiene promotion: designing a simple, scalable programme in rural Mozambique
Beale, J.   [2015]
Environmental impacts of rural watsan systems - an overview
Bedane, Berhanu Adugna   [1999]
Women in infrastructure - Bangladesh experience
Begum, Ferdousi Sultana   [1990]
Integrated water quality management in Harare
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