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Important information for authors

The different types of conference presentations

There are three types of delegate presentations:

There are also other plenary presentations, debates, discussions, workshops and exhibitions occurring throughout the conference, as set out in the timetable.

Paper requirements

Conference papers can be between 2 and 6 pages long. The objective is knowledge sharing, based on experience, practice and/or research. Papers with a focus on experience and practice may be reports on activities, projects or programmes including lessons learnt. Research focussed papers should outline a clear methodology, a strong evidence base and data analysis components. They should also demonstrate critical thinking.

Important note: A paper will be automatically returned without review if it does not conform to the template or exceeds 6 pages, including all references, contact details and images.

Choosing a subject

The WEDC Conference has a focus on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). It is important that authors demonstrate that this is recognised, as papers outside these topics are not relevant to the audience. Within this boundary, however there is a wide scope of topics. Papers or presentations can cover any aspect of WASH infrastructure and service provision in low and middle-income countries:

New and innovative ideas, projects, procedures or practical field experience are most valuable. The paper needs to add to current knowledge in the area; it should not just repeat known facts. For example, a general paper or presentation describing how an existing water treatment process works will be rejected, but a practical case study of a specific water treatment scheme, with a scientific, social or economic analysis of how it performs is more likely to be accepted.

The "think globally, act locally" idea is useful. Papers or presentations describing ideas and techniques that can be applied elsewhere and that relate local experience to wider issues in the sector, such as international policy or targets, are particularly welcome.

Authors should be aware that the audience and readership is wide and includes planners, politicians, donors, practitioners, engineers, social scientists and field workers, but all working in the WASH field.

Choosing a title

The title should be no more than 2 lines in length and should describe the main theme of the paper or presentation. Titles that exceed two lines will be edited. General titles such as “A Community Water Project” or specific project names such as “The RUWASA scheme” should be avoided. The titles are used by the conference organisers to group similar papers together and by delegates to choose which presentations to attend. Make sure the title reflects the content of the paper, so the presenter is talking to the right audience.


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